Care Guide

Breathe mats are made to be easy. Easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to wash. Follow these very simple instructions to ensure you’re Breathe mat stays clean, smells fresh and holds up class after class!

  • Machine wash on cold or warm/cold
  • Tumble dry on LOW HEAT or hang to dry
  • Fabric softener is okay
  • Color safe bleach is okay on colors, regular bleach is okay on white Breathe mats
  • WARNING: Exposing the mat to high levels of washer and/or dryer heat may cause irreversible damage and is not covered by warranty.

Our Materials

Breathe mats are made from high-quality pre-shrunk, color-safe terry, polyester filler, and a coated polyester bottom. That said, washing and drying our mats in any level of heat may result in minor shrinkage the first 4 or 5 cycles. The evidence of this can be curling at the corners. To remedy this, gently tug on the corners of the mat until it lays flat. Doing so will help to break-in your new mat and will only be necessary in the beginning. After a few wash/dry cycles, your mat will take it’s final form and will last hundreds of classes without issue.