1. How should the mat be laundered?

A-Breathe mats should be washed in a regular front or top load washing machine and dried using a standard in-home dryer, or hung to dry if preferred. Drying time will vary by machine but always ensure Breathe mats are dried on LOW HEAT. Exposing the mat to levels of heat above the low setting may cause irreversible damage and is not covered by warranty. Bleach can be used to wash, but it will distort the coloured mats so bleaching is only advisable for white mats. Fabric softener will not harm the product.

2. What flooring does the mat work best with?

A-Breathe mats are designed to work with carpeted yoga studios, but will also work on flotex and some rubber floors. They are ideal for more static yoga practices, like Bikram yoga. Breathe mats are not recommended for use alone on hardwood, faux hardwood, tile, cork, or similar flooring. If using a Breathe mat on these surfaces, we recommend placing it on top of a standard sticky mat.

3. How long will my Breathe mat last?

A-If used properly, Breathe mats should last 250+ classes. The length of time, therefore, depends on how many classes per week the user does and varies by weight/size of the individual as well as how it is treated.

4. How heavy is the mat and how much does it cost to ship via the ground service within the US and Canada?

A-Breathe mats weigh approximately 2.5lbs dry and cost $8.95 to ship anywhere in North America excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

5. Are Breathe mats covered under a warranty?

A-Yes, Breathe mats are covered by a 90 day warranty. Defective mats are rare, but are a reality since our mats are made by hand. If you purchase a mat that is defective, it will be obvious within the 90 day grace period and we will either replace or refund your purchase.

6. Do all Breathe mats come with the 'Rabbit Flap'?

7. How long will it take to ship my online order and where does it ship from?

A-Orders placed online will ship no later than next business day and will take a maximum of 7 business days to arrive in the US and Canada after being shipped. All orders ship from our warehouse Marietta, GA.

8. Do you offer express shipping?

A-Yes, we offer a variety of express shipping options. They will be presented to you during the checkout process including exact cost before you are asked for payment information. The choice of shipping agent and speed are yours.

9. Do you ship outside of North America?

A-Yes, we can ship to most countries in the world, but costs vary widely by speed of delivery and courier of choice. We are not responsible for duties or taxes assessed by the customs office in your country.