A mat that allows yogis to focus on their practice

Breathe started with an idea, a vision. We wanted to create a mat unlike any other, and allow yogis to focus on their practice, not their sticky mat and towel. With our own yoga roots in the Bikram method, we’d heard and lived the common complaints. Our sticky mats and towels couldn’t absorb sweat adequately and pooled liquid on the floor, and on our sticky mats. Our towels bunched-up during postures. We couldn’t wash our sticky mats well enough and they broke down after only six months. They were uncomfortable to lie on and bringing two separate items to class was inconvenient. We tirelessly searched the market for a solution, but could not find one. Frustrated, but united in our refusal to accept the norm, we chose to innovate, and the result was the Breathe mat for Bikram method yoga.

It has long been our goal to innovate and offer the best products possible to people who are passionate about Bikram yoga. We consider form but focus on function. Our newest mat, the Rabbit Flap™ mat, is a prime example. It is all the things that a sticky mat and towel are not. It is waterproof, machine washable and dryer safe, colorfast, pre-shrunk, slip resistant, comfortable to lie on and won’t bunch during practice. Complete with material upgrades and the convenience of a built-in ‘rabbit flap’, our newest creation is the ultimate mat for Bikram method yoga.

As with many innovative products across all industries, Breathe mats have developed a following, and with that, knock-offs have been introduced. While it’s frustrating to see our original ideas and years of hard work copied and sold as another company’s intellectual property, we do appreciate the compliment. We’re proud that Breathe mats created a new category in the yoga mat segment and we’re happy to say that when you buy a Breathe mat, you are buying the original. We pour our hearts and sweat (literally) into the creative process, we hope it shows in your practice, and we hope you love our mats!